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Please find below answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Where is Trujillo, Honduras?
On the Northern Caribbean coast of Honduras. The community, Trujillo Alta Vista, is located amongst the prime real estate of the Bay of Trujillo, with average daily temperatures of 82F (28C) and situated about 20 minutes from the town of Trujillo.
Click here to see it on Google maps.

Why should I consider a home or vacation home in Trujillo?
Trujillo, Honduras is an up and coming marketplace on the verge of becoming the next Caribbean Hot Spot. Our gated community Alta Vista, offers estate size exclusive residential lots with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Saturated with history, beauty and community, it is the next gem in the Caribbean. It is still very inexpensive but safe, and a tropical paradise.

Why Trujillo?
Rich in history, culture and an eco-tourist’s dream, Trujillo offers a wealth of activities waiting for you when you tire of lazing on the beach. It boasts the 2nd largest barrier Reef, and outside of the Amazon the next largest rainforest.

What is the population of Trujillo?
About 30,000.

What is the climate like for expats in Trujillo?
Trujillo enjoys separation from the rest of the world as it is located in rural Honduras. Political incidences have very little effect on internal community relations. There is already a well established expat community and they enjoy excellent community relations. The government is extremely supportive of the foreign investments made, particularly concerning tourism. Please take the time to view some interviews with our resident expats.

How do I get there?
Commercial flights with Delta, American, Continental and Taca Airlines to La Ceiba, Honduras are available from most North American cities. Sunwing offers charter flights from Toronto and Montreal. The closest international airports to Trujillo are Roatan (RTB), La Ceiba (LCE), and San Pedro Sula (SAP). Trujillo is accessible by car, bus, taxi and if coming from Roatan by ferry. Trujillo does have its own municipal airport, and an alternative option is to charter flights to connect you from any international airport.

What currency is used?
The local currency is Honduran lempira. As of September 24, 2018 the exchange rate is about 24 lempira to one USD or about 18.5 to one Canadian dollar.
All real estate transactions are in USD.

What is required for permanent residency?
Please click here for details.

How long can I stay in Honduras before I need to return to my native country?
Visitors to Honduras can stay a maximum of 90 days with an optional 1 month extension.

How many properties will be built by Trujillo Vista?
Slightly over 100 for this development.

Are there any restrictions on foreign ownership?

If I buy land, is there any limitation on how long I can hold the property before I have to build on it?
Beach area lots must be built in 3 years. There are no requirements for mountain lots.

What utilities and amenities are included in the price of the property?
All beach lot infrastructure is complete. Mountain infrastructure is partially complete. Ask specifically about the lot that interests you.
Click here to see specific lots.

Is there a limit or restriction on the amount of time that an owner can rent their home? For example, could we be there four months annually and rent some of the remaining time?
No limit on rental time. As the owner, you choose the time period you want to have your property available for personal use and external renters.

Why a gated community and how and where is there integration with the local community? A gated community offers 24/7 security. The nearest town is a fishing village with limited amenities. However, Trujillo is 14 kms (9 miles) away and has everything one would need including shopping, restaurants, pharmacy, doctor, dentist, mechanic etc. The town is lovely and is situated right along the beach.

How is financing arranged? Will you “carry a contract” with interest, or simply require outright purchase in full with all cash at closing?
Vendor financing available. 25% down, 3 year term, 8.9% interest rate.  Most buyers have purchased with cash. Financing is a possibility and can be discussed.

What about property and car insurance?
Both are available.

How is title to my property registered with the Honduran government?
Title is registered with the land registry office in Trujillo as part of the official national land registry. It can be accessed online at www.sinap.hn.
Please see this explanation for the process from start to finish.

What construction is permitted on a property?
Model homes are available, and all lots are zoned as single detached.
Please click here to see house plans for model homes, which are available free of charge.

Is infrastructure in place?
All beach lot infrastructure is complete. Mountain infrastructure is partially complete.
Click here to see specific lots.

Is a survey description available?
Each lot has an individual lot site plan with demarcation of the boundaries.

Are there architectural guidelines?
In Alta Vista, the architectural guideline is that the houses in the development should follow a south western Santa Fe design element. This is to allow consistency and uniformity supporting the overall development.

What is the quality and cost of construction?
The quality is far superior to most North American residential construction in that it is steel reinforced concrete. Durable tile roofs are available as well at an extra charge.  Cost is about USD 100 – 120 per sq. ft. depending on your taste.

Is there a minimum building square footage requirement for home size?
The smallest plans we have now are for a 1,350 sq ft two bedroom bungalow. We could facilitate a smaller home if needed.

How do your prices compare with other projects in the area?
The lots are priced very inexpensively for a gated community.

Can we construct a caretaker house prior to that of the main house and have a party living there to look after our property?

Are there banks in Honduras that finance construction loans and possibly even the land? Foreign residents cannot borrow money from local Honduran banks for construction loans.

Can we run a business from the residence as long as there is no physical storage of the product negatively impacting the ranch?
We are not sure what the specific municipal by-laws are around operating a business from a residence. I do know that there is a restriction outlined in Section 1.3 of the Covenants and Agreements.

Can I own the property through a corporation?
Yes, but please be aware that it is more expensive since you will need to incorporate and maintain the corporation. Costs are about $1,000 USD to set up. Maintenance is about $100 to $300 per year depending on your choice of lawyer.

What is the cost of living after one’s property and home is paid for and one is set up?
Living is very inexpensive and for $200-$300 a month you can get full time help for gardening, cooking or cleaning. For more details please follow this link.

Are property and homeowner’s insurance available?
Yes, but not very commonly used due to the fact that most houses are built with poured in place concrete and with tropical weather conditions in mind.

What about healthcare?
Please click here for info.

Can you tell me the source of your water rights and how indefinite is the source?
The water source for AV is via neighbouring community. As part of the annual fees charged for water by the AV HOA, a portion of the fee is used to compensate the community for the access rights to the water source. The relationship is ongoing and is maintained ongoing by the HOA.

Do I own my property with full title?
Yes, the title is fee simple just like in North America and the property registered 100% in the Buyer’s name.
Please click here for the whole process.

What fees and costs are associated with a purchase?
Land transfer taxes and closing costs are 1.5%.

What are the maintenance fees for the properties and what do they pay for?
Hoa expenses are estimated at $100 to $150 per month including beach club support of $50 per month. Property taxes are $20 per year on vacant lots and under $300 per year once a home is built.

Are there Beach Club amenities there?
Affordable recreational beach club amenities include an open air restaurant, bar, swimming pool, banquet facilities and direct access to the pristine white sand beach.

How far to the nearest large city?
Trujillo is about 20 minutes. La Ceiba is about 3 hours and has a population of about 200,000.

Who does the construction work?
Jaguar Construction but a buyer can use their own crew if that would be preferred. However Jaguar is intimately familiar with the area. Click here to visit them.

What does one do for healthcare?
There are doctors and a hospital in Trujillo. It is free for residents and very inexpensive for visitors. The quality is good.

Do you have Internet at the Trujillo Vista?

Are there other communities nearby?
There are many little towns and developments. Most restaurants are found as expected along the ocean.

Is there a community house with a common kitchen, etc.?
There is a community house on the beach development. It does not have a common kitchen but it will have a restaurant.

Regardless of temperature, are people putting in fireplaces and heat/air pumps as a backup?
This area is a real tropical climate. That means the temperature never drops below 70F. That is the record low there. It seldom drops below 75F.

Are there plans for a community swimming pool or spa? What are the restrictions on private ones?
Yes. Restrictions on private ones depend on the lot size but they are allowed.

Do people plant for shade with trees or otherwise?
It is recommended when building a home that the owner include a covered deck/porch. This allows for shade from the hot sun. Portable hammocks and sun umbrellas can also be affixed on your property as solution for shade.

How are car and gas costs?
Please click here.

Golf Carts available?
Not through us, but could be a possible purchase.

What are the possibilities for solar and wind power?
The company is already looking at developing a wind farm.

How is the current political climate for expats?
Trujillo enjoys separation from the rest of the world as it is located in rural Honduras. Political incidences have very little effect on internal community relations. There is already a well established expat community and they enjoy excellent community relations. The government is extremely supportive of the foreign investments made, particularly concerning tourism. Please take the time to view some interviews with our resident expats.

Are your stables adequate for horses owned by property owners?
Horses are a common mode of transportation for the locals so stables should be available.

What are some of the negative aspects of living Trujillo, Honduras, in particular? What I should expect to miss the most – just from your experience?
It is not as developed as Cancun. It is a third world country and the area is developing which means there are roads that are not paved yet though that is also on the list now that the government is making the area a priority. Because it is not yet as developed as many other Caribbean areas it is also considerably less expensive and pretty unspoiled.

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