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Completed Homes

Note that though most of these homes are in the same style you can choose any style you want and use your own architect.

Interior of Finished Homes

You can of course here too choose any style or finishing you want.

Homes Under Construction

Construction is concrete blocks and/or steel reinforced concrete. Much more durable than typical North America residential construction.

Local Scenery

The surrounding area of Trujillo and Alta Vista is an eco paradise. It is one of the few areas in the Caribbean where you have a mountain this close to the beach, which is for the most part a nature reserve.

Life in Trujillo and Surrounding Area

There are plenty of bars and restaurants, many of which are frequented by expats living in the area. Fruit and fish markets and of course all manner of outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, scuba diving, hiking, kiteboarding, snorkeling, eco tours, etc. Of course the area is perfectly suited to do nothing but relax.